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Focusing on these 5 habits will absolutely change your life.


#1 Get up 2 hours earlier

Do this for 21 days straight – no matter what.

I don’t care what you have to do to make this happen… make it happen.

Why is this so important? Because you need to experience what’s possible while everyone else is sleeping.

Quiet time to work on yourself is both essential and mandatory.


#2 Train and condition

Do this for 21 days straight – no matter what.

Lifting, moving weights, and conditioning every day forces the anxiety away and the confidence in.

Train: lift weights for 20-30 minutes.

Condition: walk, run, bike or lunge for 20-30 minutes.

Bonus: listen to an audio book or podcast to sharpen your mind.


#3 Pick 3-5 audio books

Do this for 21 days straight – no matter what.

I don’t care if you’ve read a book before. Feeding your brain is just as important as feeding your body.


#4 Eat your own prepare lunch

Do this for 21 days straight – no matter what.

Know exactly what you’re going to eat for lunch when you leave your house.

Don’t leave it to chance. Leaving your lunch to chance every day is a sure way to fail. Do yourself a favor and eliminate one more daily decision.

Feel better + save money.


#5 No alcohol

Do this for 21 days straight – no matter what.

Why no alcohol?

Because you will stay more inspired and motivated – especially in the morning.

Because it helps you un-cloud and clear your mind.

Because it helps you feel better overall.

Because it saves you money.

Because it’s one less distraction.


21 days to create a habit

Evaluate your progress after 21 days.

If you enjoy it and it’s working, keep it. If you don’t enjoy it and it’s not working, drop it and try something new.

Everyone needs a time frame. Everyone needs a commitment. Everyone needs a streak to create momentum.


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