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  • The Manual Mindset E-Book
  • Daily Challenge
    Push yourself beyond your workout plan with Sweat Workouts, Pump Workouts, or Lunge & Learn.
  • Diet Plans
    Diet plans for any objective including my popular Anabolic Fasting and Anabolic Diet.
  • 4 Week Workouts

    5 categories, each with 4 week-long training programs that update each month so you never get bored at the gym.

    • SquatLife (Overall badass Works for everything)
    • Straight Power (Powerlifting)
    • Get Stacked (Bodybuilding Chase the Pump)
    • Ladies HIIT (High Intense Plan for women to optimize metabolism)
    • Wellness & Weight Loss (Beginner To get started)
  • Articles
    Articles by yours truly, training and motivation updated all the time.
  • Video Library
    • Mindset Manual Speeches
    • Knowledge Bombs Daily Video Series
    • Cell Phone Show weekly
    • Exercise Forms
    • WakeYourAssUP Motivation
  • My Life Blog

    Follow me every day as I live the Cory life. My accountability Journal opened up.

    • My daily training
    • My exact Diet
    • WakeYourASSUP extended videos daily
    • Training footage
  • Community
    An exclusive social media community where members connect, share, support, and inspire each other (all new community launching soon).

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