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Introducing EP.1 of “The Members Cast” with Cory G and special guest Vince Dietz!

Vince shares his journey of losing 31 pounds in the #IWANTABZ 40-day challenge. He discovered Max Effort through a friend and committed fully this year to achieve his best results yet, breaking into the top 3.

Vince’s dedication is truly inspiring, especially considering his background as an ex-athlete. He really emphasizes the importance of competition and accountability. What’s awesome is how he talks about pushing through discomfort and fully committing to the process – it’s all about that mindset shift.

In their chat, Cory and Vince get into the nitty-gritty of consistent effort. They talk about everything from sticking to Anabolic Fasting protocols to making lunges a regular part of their workouts. But what really stands out is how Vince’s journey has had a ripple effect. Not only has he transformed himself physically and mentally, but he’s also inspiring those around him, from the kids he coaches to his friends.

Tune in and enjoy!


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