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How Deficit Push-ups Can Transform Your Upper Body Strength 🚀

Deficit push-ups, an advanced twist on the classic exercise, use a pair of dumbbells to deepen the range of motion. By angling the dumbbells slightly, you can better mimic the path of a bench press bar, enhancing the stretch, intensity, and yokedness factor of each rep. This modification not only challenges your upper body more than regular push-ups but also improves your strength and stability 💪🏻

Benefits of Deficit Push-ups:

✅ Deeper Stretch: By elevating your hands on dumbbells, you go deeper into each push-up, increasing muscle activation.

✅ Enhanced Chest Development: The increased range of motion targets your pecs more intensely.

✅ Improved Shoulder Stability: The angle and depth demand more from your shoulder stabilizers, strengthening your joints.

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