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*Written April 2020

Where it started

When I think back to when I first started lifting weights, I vividly remember wanting to feel better about myself.  I wanted to see someone in the mirror that carried themselves differently.

I always felt like an underachiever in sports, and I wasn’t a big guy. I didn’t have a reason to be confident aside from the love I was receiving from my parents and grandparents. This has a lot of currency when you’re young.

Material items can in a sense serve as a currency to your confidence when you’re younger. We didn’t have a lot of money or nice stuff growing up. It’s later down the road, when you get older, that you realize it’s all bullshit.


How do you get confident?

How could I feel more confident when I talk to that girl? How could I feel more confident when I’m tested by another man or in sports? How can I feel more confident with handling myself? I was searching for it.

Around my freshman year in high school, I began to notice things change when others started to respect my strength. I started to understand the value of hard work and what it produced. The opposite sex started to treat me differently. I could feel it with my jumping ability in basketball. Even my power from a baseball standpoint was changing.


My Grandfather

I witnessed the joy of my Grandfather being proud of me as I continued to gain strength. In a healthy way, he was living through me because he loved lifting weights. He has watched my entire career of meets and shows.  I’ve always wanted to make him proud, and in doing so has led to some incredible things.

These are my early thoughts on confidence, but over the years it hasn’t changed much. How I walk into business meetings, walk around town, push through weights, and continue to be consistent all contribute to my daily confidence.

Everyone wants it. I still want it. I’m guessing you still want it. We can all continually work on these things to mold a more confident person.

It never stops.

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