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Does this sound like you?

You work out all the time. You do your cardio. You do some weightlifting. You look good in clothes.

But you still don’t feel the way you want to when you take your shirt off.

You look way better than the average person, but you want the next level. You’re in the 11-20% body fat range and you can see what’s possible, but you’re just not there yet. You’ve never experienced it because your strategy is a bit off.

Do you know how close you are?

Welcome to CoryG Fitness

Are you new? Cool, welcome!

Step 1: Take your brain out of it.
Step 2: Commit to the protocols that I’ve laid out.

I’ve created a proven strategy (many thousands over) by using myself as the guinea pig science experiment over the past 20+ years. That means that I’ve done the hard part for you… putting in the time!

Armed with a strategy, you’re on the fast-track. All you have to do is buy in and follow the plan.

Stop limiting yourself

Maybe you think you’re going to lose muscle if you follow a fasting protocol. Maybe you think committing to the plan will create awkward social situations for you. Maybe you think you’ll get weak.

False on all counts. Just look at the thousands of transformations here at CoryG Fitness. People are constantly get leaner and stronger. 


Lunge & Learn… ever heard of it?

Then, when you add a Lunge & Learn streak into the equation, you get stronger, smarter and more confident. Lunge & Learn: 400-800 meters of walking lunges while listening to something that will make you smarter daily.


This is my job

Remember, this is what I do for my job. I have been a professional for over 20 years. This isn’t a hobby. I’m radical and I do things that are outside the norm. But that is why I consistently get radical results.

Challenge yourself to not be just close, but to take it over the edge. What is the use of being that close and not getting what you want?

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