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Thursday is max effort squat day at Old School Gym, and heavy weight is being moved. Everyone comes to the gym with the mindset to perform. The added band resistance from Cory Gregory’s Get Stacked 25 lifting program has proven to be effective, as several members of the 4am Crew hit PRs; a triple bodyweight squat was even in the mix!.

Regardless of if a PR was hit, everyone at Old School showed their gritty work ethic and determination to improve. The crew helped other lifters wrap their knees and gathered around the monolift like a hype gallery to push each other to the best of their abilities.

The intangible factor was present throughout the workout; “the crazy.” Most would consider the Cory’s bodybuilding and powerlifting programs to be unconventional, but being able to maintain a shredded physique while lifting heavy requires a little crazy. offers the best training articles, and top-tier instructional workout videos, when combined with the supplements from Max Effort Muscle, as Cory says, “It’s a wrap!”

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