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Essential Exercises for Ultimate Shoulder Stability 🛡️

When it comes to shoulder stability and strength, especially after a crazy injury like a rotator cuff rupture, choosing the right exercises is crucial. Here are my three key exercises that helped me regain the ability to bench over 300 pounds, without opting for surgery.


The lats play a huge part in shoulder stability. Maintaining constant tension and focusing on a big shoulder squeeze is key to maximize blood flow to the scapula and lats.



Focusing on the traps and upper back, high-rep cable shrugs are essential for building a strong foundation. The goal is to flood the area with blood, enhancing both strength and resilience.



Utilizing a red mini-band, this exercise targets the often-neglected rear delts. High reps ensure the rear delts are fully engaged, promoting balance and preventing potential imbalances that could lead to injury.


Incorporating these exercises into your routine can significantly contribute to shoulder health and overall upper body strength!

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