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^^ The lunchbox I took with me 600+ feet underground into the coal mine every day

Persistence Pays Off: Embracing the “pack a lunch” mentality means committing to the long haul, finding a way through obstacles, and doing whatever it takes.

Continuous Self-Improvement: Always be improving, evaluating, and adapting to change. Doing so will produce a more resilient version of yourself for the inevitable setbacks.

Maximizing Opportunities: Recognize and seize opportunities when they come.

What Pack a Lunch means

My stepdad Randy explained it as being a mentality on going all-in and being willing to do what’s necessary for a long as it takes to get whats needed done.

I applied this concept to my life when I came up against obstacles. If something doesn’t work the way I want it to, then I better pack a lunch and look inside on what needs to change. From there, I need to dig in to change it and do what it takes for as long as it takes.

Don’t get comfortable

When I get to where I wanna go I also better pack a lunch because people want my spot. I can’t get comfortable. I can’t allow them to take it from me because of lack of work or willingness to do what’s required for as long as it’s takes.

I took my blue-collar upbringing and applied it to what I do every day. I feel blessed with what my life has become. And’ it’s only because of consistency, belief, perseverance, wins/losses, and an enthusiasm to keep doing what I love to do.


Don’t ever NOT pack a lunch

In order to change generations of my family, I can’t ever not pack a lunch. That’s what I signed up for once I left the coal mine. I left to build a fitness business. I couldn’t hide the passion even if I tried.

It’s so easy to stay the same. It’s way harder to change. It’s really hard to stay in a zone of discomfort. But that’s how you grow – inside and out. I try my best to live this mentality even though we all fall into ruts from time to time.

Pack a fucking lunch and get to work today, tomorrow and the next day. The opportunities will come. It’s never guaranteed, but if you don’t try you’re guaranteed zero opportunities and zero outcomes.

I’d rather know I have a chance.

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