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45 years old today. Here are 45 things about life that came to mind this morning.

1. Give yourself a chance to do what you love
2. Have a defined purpose that’s real and never burns out
3. Take on risks that are calculated & push you
4. Everyone fails – learn from it never repeat it
5. Believe in the unseen, have faith
6. Consistent habits are the key
7. Whatever you didn’t like in your childhood – don’t repeat it change it
8. Never quit day dreaming
9. Work backwards – are how you want things to look
10. Don’t tell your family what you want them to do – show them every day
11. Your circle makes you or breaks you
12. Cut people out if they bring drama
13. Prepare constantly for the shot
14. You’re never guaranteed a time frame of success
15. Treat everyone with respect until they give you a reason not to
16. Never forget where you came from
17. Read read read every day
18. Train train train every day
19. Health is the wealth
20. Don’t listen to people who don’t live it
21. Confidence runs the world – ask Deion
22. Family traditions are key & make memories
23. Over delivery is the only way to make progress
24. Don’t be interested – become obsessed
25. Go outta your way to touch base with people to know you care
26. Always acknowledge the appreciation of friendship
27. Time is the most valuable asset you can never get back
28. There is no finish line in business
29. Make your old good days of productivity your new bad ones – that’s progress
30. You can always push for more in this life
31. Intuition is a real thing – listen to yourself
32. Spend quiet time with your own thoughts – you know the answers already
33. Remind yourself how far you’ve come often
34. Don’t let others waste your time – they are stealing it from your family
35. Give without expectation
36. Build up the ones who got it & tell you can see it
37. Pay it forward – some will listen some won’t
38. Be reliable
39. Authenticity is the cheat code
40. Two ways to view life – you choose that
41. Gratitude daily
42. Positive attitude with optimism is a way to live
43. Solution-based thinking because we all got problems
44. Every day we fight for it – no one is immune
45. Everything I do is scary but I ain’t scared

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