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Find one

Spread the love. Identify one person in your life that needs advice, guidance or assistance. They don’t have to be someone that joins the website or even trains, but reach out to someone and share your experience.

People are always looking for someone to relate to… to be inspired to act or change. What have you learned about your diet through Anabolic Fasting? How has your daily strategy changed? There’s always someone out there that you can impact, even though they may not want to come out and say it.


Be that someone

How has the Mindset Manual helped yourself? You can apply these principles directly, as well as throw in other books, podcasts and daily strategies. Some people out there simply need someone to turn to for inspiration. You can be just that. As you begin helping people, you’ll notice yourself getting more and more confident along the way. When it comes to goals, set your sights high, but also set mini goals along the way up the mountain.

If we all do our part, we all can make a footprint. We’re in the business of helping and developing people, so get out there and make it happen TODAY.


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