The Most Impactful Book of My Life - CoryG Fitness

Chapters 1-18 ALL BELOW

Chapter 1 – Definiteness of Purpose

Chapter 3 – Attractive Personality

Chapter 5 –
Going the Extra Mile

Chapter 6 –
Organized Individual Endeavour

Chapter 7 – Creative Vision

Chapter 8 – Self Discipline

Chapter 9 – Organized Thinking

Chapter 10 – Learning from Defeat

Chapter 11 –
Inspiration, Enthusiasm Applied

Chapter 12 –
Controlled Attention

Chapter 13 – Golden Rule Applied

Chapter 17 – Cosmic Habit Force

Chapter 18 – Source of Wealth

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    Cory, I want to show the improvement to you that has happened in the last one month post following anabolic fasting and the exercises recommended in the book of abs. How do I send my picture to you?

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    Jimmy Manzick

    Hey Cory, I’m going on Vacation June 30th- July 9th I still wanna be able to eat out and pound some beers haha but be able to maintain my weight so you think vacation rules 2.0 is my best bet?

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