Exercise Log #14 | It’s Monday! | GetStacked 25

IT’S MONDAY!! The 4am Crew at the Midwest Mecca is hitting the grind hard with even MORE band work. After front squatting and deadlifting, Get Stacked 25 calls for a high volume chest circuit. This program’s carry over to powerlifting in addition to bodybuilding has been evident; the Crew is feeling strong and looking jacked!

As everyone at Old School has started to see solid results, it has become clear that Cory Gregory isn’t the only one in the gym that is hype to hit the weights at 4:00 in the morning. You just don’t get tired at Old School Gym. This atmosphere has pushed everyone to surpass their expectations.

It’s important for you to find a crew of your own to better yourself, but at times this can be difficult. However, you can find motivation through the content that CoryG releases, as it provides insight into the “crazy” that this thing is all about!                                                            


14 thoughts on “Exercise Log #14 | It’s Monday! | GetStacked 25

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    Alex Barba

    Hey Cory. I am new to your website. And I’m looking for a fat loss workout routine and diet. Anything suggestions you may have I would appreciate

    • Cory Gregory
      Cory Gregory Post author

      Hey Alex, First off welcome to the squad man!
      Alot of new peeps will start with the Spring Break Cram under wellness & weightloss.
      Then jump to GetStacked 4. I would learn Anabolic Fasting & apply it to these plans for 4 weeks each

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    Chase Turner

    hey G, started get stacked 25 monday and the hype is real. just wanted to do some housekeeping and making sure Im understanding correctly. When you say 1,1,1,1,1,1,1 thats 6 sets of 1 rep until you hit your max correct? and for Saturday bench press touch and go, week one says 3. is that a 3 rep max? Thanks

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    Hey G, been doing AF 4 Mass for around a month now, I’ve still stayed around the same weight. I’ve seen my bench and other exercises go up in weight but not really getting Thick Abz or muscle mass in general. Any tips?

    • Cory Gregory
      Cory Gregory Post author

      Couple questions:
      Is my AF4mass cleaner than you were eating prior?
      Your getting stronger the body has to be changing.
      If your doing AF4mass you fat will change but your not on a cut.
      Go regular AF if you wanna see ripped up soon man. AF4mass is a clean
      way to add size & tighten up but its a bit slower process. Do you do the lunges
      daily 400m?


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    Wade Mootrey

    Hey G,

    Thinking of starting GS 25 next, but the gym I go to doesnt have any bands. Where/which ones should I get?


    • Cory Gregory
      Cory Gregory Post author

      Wade bands are optional & most gym don’t have them so you have to buy your own bud westside-barbell.com red mini bands if you wanna try it

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    Dan Walsh

    Hey G,
    I watched all your AF videos and am going to begin it soon. I would it be okay if I kept my whole week clean so Monday-Friday all my regular meals and carb spike and then on Saturday and Sunday go normal meal for lunch and then a cheat for dinner? Then Monday I would get myself back to normal. That way is just better for my schedule and was wondering if you thought it was still a good way to lay out the program. Also, on the cheat days do we still do the nightly carb spike or no? My final question has to do with planning. I work 3pm-11pm, I train in the morning and still want to follow a normal AF routine. I eat before I go in to work at about 1-2pm then I might not eat until about anywhere between 6-9pm depending on how busy we are that day. Should I still do the carb spike once I get out of work at around 11:30pm? The only reason why I am unsure is because I feel like it cuts into the time of my fasting window. Sorry in advance for all the questions. Thanks man.

    • Cory Gregory
      Cory Gregory Post author


      Yes Sat/Sun is fine
      Window is fine also its close to a little tight nut let’s see how it goes.
      Carb spike on cheats is like 50/50 depending on how bad you blow it up.
      I will help you tweak if needed welcome to the site brother let’s goooooo

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    I’m definitely still eating cleaner with AF 4 Mass, and no I don’t always do the lunges. is there an alternative cardio I could do without burning too many calories? I think I’m just gonna stick to AF 4 Mass because I’ve been floating around 160 for quite some time now, but I at least stay pretty cut.

    • Cory Gregory
      Cory Gregory Post author

      Noah lunges are way harder so no other option you need to those so it can help keep pushing up your numbers too bud.

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