Exercise Log #13 | It’ll Bend You Over | GetStacked 25

The Location: The “Midwest Mecca,” Old School Gym

The Time: 4am

The Purpose: To make gains

It’s early on a Saturday morning, and the 4am Crew is working to separate themselves from the status quo. We’ve talked about the band work that Get Stacked 25 calls for, but Cory Gregory is pushing the crew even further by adding TWO extra mini bands to the bar. This extra training aide will pay off from a bodybuilding and powerlifting standpoint, as the bands stimulate muscle growth and help with the lock out of the big three powerlifting movements.

As Cory Gregory says, the bands are optional, but the pumps are mandatory! Regardless of if bands are used in this program or not, you will see great results with the Get Stacked programs. They are changing the game, and once you try it, you’ll understand why.

21 thoughts on “Exercise Log #13 | It’ll Bend You Over | GetStacked 25

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    Kohl Gregory

    On your video of Peak Week I have some questions for you. The carb spike (Sleeve of Oreos) this should be done before the prejudging correct? (My first comp is in August so trying to figure it all out.) Then my question is what about the Night Show? You eat your lunch as normal, but what about before the night show?

    • Cory Gregory
      Cory Gregory Post author

      I do that yup & I eat lunch normal but little to no water. I eat more oreo’s at night too…
      Let me know if you have any more questions man!

  2. Gary Lee
    Gary Lee

    The bands have been awesome. Can’t believe I have never used them before.

    On a side note, the wifey has decided to jump on AF with me – 5 months post birth – I guess she is seeing my results and wants be able to eat ice cream with me too

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    Angela Harvey

    Dead stop front squat today. GS24. Gotta be honest I didn’t know what to expect or what the outcome would be. I didn’t think I would get the hang of it. Or put up a decent number. So when I hit 145# which is a one rep max on my traditional front squat,, I was floored!! I hit a new low on the scale Friday and can’t believe who looks back at me in the mirror. Cory you’ve done so much to change and enrich my life and I’m so grateful!! 💗💗💗

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    PJ Connell

    G- i used the pink westside bands AND the purple ones today….pulled 275 sumo plus all that band tension…i thought my eyeballs popped out at one point lololol…anyways are the purple ones worth 2 pink ones each?? Just wondering…also i have been lunging fucking Marathons lately I don’t know what got into me did 1200 Saturday and 1200 today (been lunging 16 months 5-7 days a week) i feel good doing this much just wondering if its counter productive??? I look good and feel good so fuck it imma keep doing it right!?

    • Cory Gregory
      Cory Gregory Post author

      PJ I love it & just dial back lunges if you feel beat up but otherwise keep rolling big dog!

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    reid carper

    I am about to start traveling weekly for work and thinking about doing a meal service.

    Has anyone else tried this out? Any recommendations?

    Yo Cory……you start something through max effort I’ll be the guinea pig for sure ha!

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    Hey G

    What did your training program look like when you were prepping for the trifecta? I know you were on the get stacked plan but what were you ding along with it to prep for the oly meet?


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    Daniel Miller

    Hey G, I compete in Oly lifting and Crossfit. I’ve been adding in get stacked, but sometimes struggling with energy AF, with the extra volume, should I do AF4 Mass even if I’m looking to drop pounds?

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    Mariano Esteban

    Hi I’m new here I been fan of you for a long time when you started musclepharm , and finally decide it to enjoy this craziness ha , I’m gonna do the anabolic fasting diet and the get stacked plan but my question is what should I eat ? Cuz I was seeing that the get stacked plan has its own diet and meals wich I think it’s 5 or 6 and on the anabolic fasting diet you talk about eating just 3 times so I’m confused , or should I just do one ? Thanks for your time

    • Cory Gregory
      Cory Gregory Post author

      Mariano we use AF combined with GetStacked workout. The GS plan is a normal diet option if people don’t wanna try AF.
      So do AF with GetStacked that’s what most of us do

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    Tanner Haase

    Yo G, I have been having trouble accessing the BOOK of Abs. When I click on the E-Books Section, I keep being told that I have to login and then I login and click on the section again and the same thing happens. What do I do about this?

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