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Many of you out there fluctuate dramatically with your body weight.  Why is this?  Did you diet for a bodybuilding show or cut weight for a powerlifting meet?  Many people out there work towards a goal, and when they finally achieve it, they go off the rails.

I’m here to tell you that with Anabolic Fasting 101, we can stay on the rails because it is a LIFESTYLE.  Anabolic Fasting isn’t an eight week gimmick, but rather a diet for the long-term that we can count on to consistently hit our goals.  First, you need to establish a body weight that you want to reach.  Once you hit this weight, you must shift your focus to maintenance.

Body weight and fat maintenance are going to be individualized because we all have different body types, and we react to foods differently.  Once we get to this weight, your body will have to adapt to working efficiently at this weight.  For example, if you started at 220, and your goal is 180 lbs., your body will require an adjustment period to normalize.

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Fine tuning will come into play as well with Anabolic Fasting.  You will need to experiment to see what foods react the best with your body, as well as what works best for performance versus physique.  One thing you need to understand is that you aren’t going to feel as “crisp” or “tight” every single day, and that’s okay.  If I’m leading up to a magazine shoot, I’ll be more strict, but if not, then I’ll stay within the Anabolic Fasting guidelines, with more leniency.

In addition, one of the best things about this diet is the flexibility that is offered.  I just had beer twice last weekend, and ice cream.  By throwing in these cheat meals, we give ourselves an opportunity to mentally reset.  Try it out today, and do yourself a favor!

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    Tim Putman

    Hey G, back inhad a meet back in may and weighed about 163. I missed a 365 squat for my third attempt, today I hit 365 weighing 153!! Getting hyped for Opba!!

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    Angela Harvey

    And for us women, hormonal changes can mean fluctuations in the way we hold a few extra pounds (fluid retention). Thanks for posting this. It’s reassuring. It’s definitely not a linear process!! But when you trust the process it works!!

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    What if we’re more performance oriented and need a lot of energy throughout the day? I love how fast it’s acting but I’m feeling sluggish and weaker than usual.


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    Matthew Schafer

    Anyone out there contemplating that “fasting” portion of the diet. because you “like to eat” or are stuck on the theory of 5-6 small meals a day…i challenge you to drop it.

    The fasting portion is the KEY to it all. Here’s a little science behind it…by fasting you lower blood sugar levels, and thus lower insulin. insulin in your bodies natural blood sugar regulator. since high blood sugar is toxic to the body, insulin is used to extract the blood sugar from the body and use it for energy…therefore sugar is your main source of energy and your body adapts to that (hence why you so many people experience sugar crashes)…however, when you fast, you give your body enough time to rid itself of blood sugar and therefore your body looks for other sources of energy…FAT!! your body starts to use your stored up fat that couldn’t be accessed before b/c the body had to prioritize riding the sugar. so that kinda the “fat burning” concept behind the fast…then u add an anabolic diet (low sugar) and the body really really needs to rely on fat and not sugar.

    And if your worried about not getting enough nutrients…. I still consume around 3,500-4,000 calories a day, but its just within that 8 hour window. then i give my body a solid 16 hrs to break it all down. THIS DIET DOES NOT SLOW YOUR METABOLISM, IT JUST REGULATES IT.

    Sorry G, i know you can explain it yourself….just thought I’d share my personal experience and view from a future healthcare professional.

    Thanks for the content brotha! GET STACKED

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    Michael Harless

    Just signed up. I have done something called Slow Carb (Timothy Ferriss) in the past and dropped a lot of weight. Unfortunatley I always go back to soda, chips, and pizza.

    At this point in my life I am 44yrs old and I’m about 40lbs over weight, but I have some limitations due to my health. I just had surgery for a heel spur that has been an issue for over 2 years. I also am doing physical therapy for labral tears in both hips. I was told surgery is inevitable before the end of the year. So it looks like I will be going under the knife two more times before the end of the year. With this I am limited in doing intense cardio and heaving lifting.

    There is some good news though. The complex I live at has an indoor pool and indoor track to walk. How can I use these resources and following your AF diet to loose weight? My initial thoughts were to do just low card or slow carb and stay in ketosis for awhile to drop weight really fast, but that was before my son introduced me to your site. (By they way…that fool is jack at hell following your program)

    What advice can you offer? Thanks in advance.

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    Connor Ratycz


    You answered me on the AF blog post yesterday. Was looking to lean more on my cut next week for my friends lakehouse the next weekend and was wondering what else I can do on my AF diet cut. You posted the video link for AF PEAK week as a recommendation. I watched it and am thinking about following it all for the week. A few questions to you again my man: if I’m looking to get that last bit of lean and cut next week for hanging out at the beach and not a shoot/comp, should I still follow the water cut? I know you mention its not as drastic as other water cut methods, but I dont want to cut that water during the week and then eat/drink on the weekend and bloat up? Is there a way to control that? Or will it not happen like that?

    Thanks G

    • Cory Gregory

      Cory Gregory

      Connor just follow everything else but don’t actually cut your water. I also wouldn’t take the same level of dandelion root.
      Other thank that it will be fine

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