The Mindset Manual E-Book by Cory Gregory: 176 pages

The Book of ABZ E-Book: 43 pages

Over 400 Daily Workout options to challenge yourself

130+ Sweat Workouts, 70+ Wifey Workouts, 200+ PUMP Workouts

Diet Plans:
The World Famous Anabolic Fasting protocol, which is heavily documented on the website & classroom taught by Cory himself

4-Week Training Programs: Never get bored & updated monthly!

Over 5 years of Monthly Workout Programs!

GET STACKED – Train like the Golden Era Bodybuilders with a CoryG Twist… Best bring your A Game
Over 24 months of Cory’s famous GET STACKED PLAN 

SQUATLIFE – Crazy Strength Gains by Squatting Daily
Over 24 months of legendary #squatlife program

STRAIGHT POWER – The All-in Strength program to increase your 3 Main Lifts
Over 20 months of PURE POWERLIFTING

130+ Articles written by yours truly.  Topics include diet, training, mindset, motivation, and exercises. 

Extensive Video Library

Mindset Manual Speeches

160+ Knowledge Bombs (Exercise breakdown series)

100+ Anabolic Fasting Updates VLOGS

The GLOG – See what the my lifestyle is all about: direct insight into my Nutrition, Supplement Regimen, Training and More!

OPEN Q&A with Cory DAILY!!!

Over 700+ Previous BLOG Posts

Community: Interact with other CoryG members on our online forum JUST FOR YOU!!

Monthly Plan


Exclusive-access to Cory’s unique ONE of a kind diet & workout regimens plus videos on a reoccurring monthly basis, cancel anytime.

Annual Plan

1 FULL Year Only $149.99

Exclusive-access to Cory’s unique ONE of a kind diet & workout regimens plus videos on a reoccurring yearly basis, cancel anytime.

You’re maybe thinking, “Oh another online fitness website.”  With the internet flooded with fitness trainers/programs, it makes it difficult to cut through the clutter and noise.

The reason I began building the CoryG Fitness website, app & community is because I love helping people reach their fitness, nutrition and mindset goals.  I get FIRED UP when people direct message or send me their Before & After photos, or a PR lift from one of the programs I wrote.  It continues to drive me EVERY DAY to give as much value to the CoryG Fitness community as I can.

With 20+ years experience in the fitness industry,  I LIVE AND BREATHE THIS SHIT.  I’m a practitioner of my craft, I’m not sitting on the sidelines giving orders.  While it’s not an overnight transformation, I can help you SPEED UP your results greatly because I have tried just about everything over the past 20 years.

Follow me daily as I help you reach the goals you have set out in front of you.

Take advantage of my world famous Anabolic Fasting protocol to help you get that six-pack!  Head over to the 4-Week Workouts section to see how jacked and strong the CoryG members have been getting on the Get Stacked Program.  The Articles section is filled to the brim with a variety of information with 20+ years of experiences on Mindset and what I have learned.  TAKE ADVANTAGE!

I’m here to serve YOU and my MEMBERS

With members in over 100+ countries worldwide, my passion to help and influence as many people as I can.  I genuinely care about my members, and I do everything I can to help them obtain their goals.  Time to step outside of your comfort zone!

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