Not sure if you still use this email but I wanted to reach out for a second and thank you for everything.  I started following you on Twitter around 2010 when you were the “prez” of the other company.  I loved your daily twitter workouts.  I was 18 and worked at a local gym in Latrobe Pennsylvania, and was at a  JUCO playing shortstop trying to make it somewhere.  At this time on Twitter you started your #wakeyourassup campaign and I followed along not realizing what would come in the future with following you.

I ended up digging myself out of the hole I made for myself not being a great student in high school and earned a scholarship to play baseball at the next level.  But during that time at the Juco, a switch flipped in my head and I became a “gamer”.  I started chasing a goal of becoming a civil engineer, and becoming a good student.  I became disciplined in not only the gym and baseball but academics.  I earned a scholarship to play baseball at a Division II school, but most importantly I got accepted into their Engineering program.  I played one year there and ended up not playing my senior year to focus on Engineering.  I met some kids up there in the gym that followed you as well and we would hit the daily workouts as well as get swole and the arnold blueprints you did on bodybuilding.   This was 2012-2015. You started to share how you develop yourself mentally and once again I followed along not realizing where it would take me.

I graduated in 2015 with my Civil engineering degree and am currently working in Pittsburgh.

The point I want to get to is that I don’t think I would be where I am today without that 18 year old me hitting that follow button on Twitter in 2010.

You have taught me so much in 8 years through your platform and I cant thank you enough.  From those daily workouts, get swole, the arnold blueprints, to CoryGfitness, squatting everyday and Max Effort Muscle.  You have helped me tremendously in the gym.

What I think helped the most is you helped me develop my mindset to crush this life.  I remember you used to always talk about the compound effect.  A little bit of consistency towards your goals will compound into something big and that is what happened when I started at that Junior College taking basic courses.  I set a goal of getting a civil engineering degree and little wins over the time of 2010-2015 compounded me into getting that.

I just recently passed my Engineer in training Exam that will allow me to become a Professional Engineer in 4 years and open up so many doors.  Once again I used you to help me achieve my goal.  The combination of up early to train, get stacked, the mindset manual, business and biceps and CoryGfitness fueled my fire.  It kept me in check physically and mentally as I was working 10 hours a day and studying 4 hours after work along with training.  I think those 8 years of following you prepared me to crush this last goal.

I am not the best writer so I’m sorry for rambling but I just wanted to say thank you for everything once again and I look forward for what the future holds.  My plan is to do my own thing with Engineering and construction in the future and that preparation has already started.

I want to say one last thing.  I look at my time-hop app and you always come up on it from retweets on Twitter to IG posts.  And I told you this at Beats and Barbells in 2017.  In my life, many things have come and gone since 2010 but one thing has remained the same and that is CORY GREGORY.

I can’t wait to continue to take myself to the next level through training and mindset with CoryGfitness.

“I’m always coming.”


Keep killing it G,

Ryan Matsko