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12 Weeks.  The Best Transformation Wins a Rolex Watch!

Everyone feels this way.  You wake up, get out of bed, flip on the light, then look right in the mirror.  People are naturally critical with themselves.  What your face looks like, what your body looks like, how fast you’re aging, etc.  Most people wake up with some degree of negative feelings towards what they see physically.

In the first few minutes of the day you have to process these feelings.  What are you going to do with this computed information?  The choice is yours, and I believe that everyone experiences this to some extent each and every day.

When does anyone wake up, flip on the light, look in the mirror, and feel 100% happy with what they see?  I think it is virtually impossible.  So, why not try to close the gap on what you aspire to look, feel and think like?  What does closing the gap look like?

You flip on the light feeling a little more confident with the work you’ve put in, the body you’ve built, and the way you’re thinking.  Thoughts are clearer, your body is looking healthy, you’re aging in a healthy manner, and you’re excited about the opportunities in front of you.  Do you hear the difference in this self-talk?  That’s what closing the gap is all about.

If you wake up feeling unwell, bloated, inflamed, old and indifferent, then start closing the gap!  Start to make progress.  Start to feel good about yourself.  Get excited about the material that you are going to learn today.  Get excited to get your workout in.  Take advantage of the opportunities in front of you.  It’s a whole different vibe of what you see.

“The process reveals the pursuit of happiness.” 

Listen, we can’t pick our parents.  We can’t pick our gender, race, color, etc.  What we can choose is the way we operate on a daily basis to try to create a better outcome.  The process reveals the pursuit of happiness. 

Everyone deals with this each day.  I challenge you to implement these processes to start closing the gap.  Doing so will make you feel better on a day to day basis.  Confidence runs the world, and when you work on it regularly, you begin to see its impact in your life.