“The only time I struggle is when I DON’T have something I’m training for.”

All of you that are signed up for the #IWANTABZ contest… think about the level of discipline you are keeping because there’s a prize at the end.  The focused intention you have based around your diet right now.  The level of excitement for the ensuing results.

Think about all those things you are looking forward to.  The possibilities are endless.  On the road to achieving goals, everyone undertakes a transformation process to become a better overall person.

Continually play the game with your mind to find things like this.  That’s the recipe that I have used since the year 2000.  If you don’t have something you’re excited about, nothing that you’re looking forward to, or don’t know where you’re going, it’s a completely different mentality.  Think about what I’m saying right now.  The difference in that mentality.

If you don’t have something set in place, there’s no way to get there.  That’s my point.  That’s why I do what I do.  It’s part of why CoryG Fitness and Max Effort Muscle does what they do.  Through special events such contests, we can excite you and help you get more out of yourself.

As a coach, my goal is to get more out of you.  Inspire you, change you, help you.  I understand the psychology because I have utilized it personally for over two decades.  Non-stop.  The only time I struggle is when I don’t follow this pattern.

This is the pattern that wins.  I highly advise you to sign up for the #IWANTABZ and/or the Strong Body Strong Mind contest.  Construct your plan and get more intentional with your life!