No matter who you are… you’re always going to have goals.  It may be as simple as dropping a few pounds or getting ready to look good on the beach.  Point is… we workout and train to look better and feel better, not the other way around.

BUT, reaching that goal can often be a difficult & grueling process for many of us.  Numerous roadblocks and obstacles inevitably pop up, pulling our attention away from our mission and off the path we want to continue down.

It happens to ALL OF US, but my solution is simple.

It has been proven time and time again to work, and has made all the difference with my goal-setting process.

Ready? Get a calendar.

So many people out there have such a hard time hitting their goal.  I truly believe that much of this can be attributed to NOT HAVING A DATE ON THE CALENDAR.  This means that there’s no deadline for the goal to be reached.

Having goals that are open-ended puts zero pressure on you.  On the other hand, applying a hard deadline on the calendar instantly creates a new challenge.  After marking your date, you immediately feel a surge of adrenaline when you set the date in stone.  It goes from a concept in your head to a real thing on paper.

From a dream to something hard & concrete.  Something that you are truly going after.  It’s this exact moment that you find out what you’re made of, and just how bad you want to reach that goal.

Coming from a training background, I had to be creative with figuring out different ways to get my clients on track and excited about their goals.  After years of experience competing in meets and shows, I discovered the power of setting a date.  Out of all the tricks & methods I attempted, something as simple as committing to a date and writing it down, worked the most consistently.  Agreeing to your date changes the inner thought process to take seriously focus in on your goal.

You may be thinking, “Cory, I don’t want to enter a bobybuilding show or enter a powerlifting competition.”  Well guess what?  I do this for both my training and non-training goals… it works inside and outside the realm of fitness!  You always need to have something in front of you to work for if you want to consistently progress forward.

What lights your fire?

Are you going on a trip or vacation this next summer?  Maybe you want to upgrade your car if you hit a certain bodyweight or body fat percentage.  ONLY YOU know what drives you to kick your butt in gear.

Set the goal, then put it on the calendar, immediately.  Once I have the date figured out, I’m locked & loaded with a tunnel vision that is hard to break.  From then until that date, it’s all about achieving that goal.  I’m confident you will find that same tunnel vision by simply putting your pen to paper.  Let’s get started.