Hey Cory,

You provide many people with great information and motivation!

Here is my story and how your training helped me:

When I was 6 years old, I broke my right femur. I had to fight like hell to compete with others in sports. Then my freshman year in high school, I broke my right femur again during a football game.

This one really set me back. Since then, I have tried just about everything to build size and strength in my legs. I am 22 years old now. Last week I just finished your squat everyday program and experienced crazy results. In just 30 days I gained 1/2-1 inch on my thighs and the weight I squatted increased significantly. Along with this, my bench press and dead lift also increased. Overall, the program has made me stronger physically and mentally. 

Your story is motivating to me because it shows that a person who may seem like the average guy can become great through hard work. Keep the great motivation coming and good luck with your future goals!


Willy Ellesin