Hey Cory!

Hope you’re having a good one man! Just wanted to send out a quick message on how you have influenced my workouts, nutrition and lifestyle. I will try to keep this short, but it might be a little lengthy to paint the whole picture. Appreciate everything you do man. Currently intermittent fasting and looking forward to anabolic.

Growing up everything I did revolved around sports. I loved football and basketball and due to a few poor decisions and conflicts with coaching I quit basketball despite it being my first love and focused on football, lifting and track to stay busy. I turned my attention to the weight room and realized that it was a beautiful way to focus and control my emotions and anger. I started making better decisions and got myself ready for football earning numerous awards and a spot at Grand Rapids CC after my senior year. After having a good freshman then great sophomore year I earned a scholarship to a small private school out in Missouri. Again, I received numerous awards and graduated with honors.

Moving home from school and graduating from college was exciting, but I knew that I was missing something. Not knowing what that was I starting playing semi pro football and landed my first full time job after working a few part time ones at a time. I stayed at that job for almost 3 years, met the girl of my dreams and played 2 years of semi pro ball over the next few years and things were going great. Football
Became time consuming and too far of a drive with work and family so I then was filling the whole of not being able to compete with running and lifting on a daily basis, but began getting bored with my routines. I often searched website after website to find that next program or challenge that would help me stay on track, motivated and competing with myself, but never seemed to find one that lasted more than a month or so for me. I began feeling more and more burned out at my job as a CPS investigator and I was starting to feel that need to compete again.

Not knowing what to do I began searching for anything and everything as a new career as I was spent at mine. My life had been changing quite a bit as I found out that my girlfriend and I were going to have my first child and I knew that I needed a new job before I had a child of my own.

Still doing the same thing everyday and making it through I managed to fall on squat everyday one day and knew that it would be an amazing challenge for me. I had always had decent leg strength, but I had also always gave up easy and dodged leg day. So it began.

Over the period that I have been squatting everyday, so much in my life has changed. It’s almost like it helped me come out of my shell not only on the weights, but in my life. I recently hit my previous max of 465, which I haven’t hit since college football and it gave me the confidence to go into the job interview that I have always wanted and nail it! The morning of my interview I woke up extra early threw the weights on the bar, blasted through the workout and blasted through the interview. Now from the time that I have been squatting I have landed the job I had always dreamed to have, probation/parole officer, put on ring on my now beautiful fiancé, am building for my future and have an amazing 3 and a half month old daughter.

In summary, the program was exactly what I needed and at the exact time that I needed it. I’m looking forward to the site and looking forward to continuing the programs you put out. You’re program has given me a new drive, motivation, level of confidence and something to look forward to every morning.

Thanks again for all your hard work man and all the information you put out there for us.

Now that I put my story out there I have to add one “smart ass” remark with a Go Green as I am a die hard Spartan fan! No hate to the Buckeyes as I enjoyed what you guys did to the wolverines just have to roll with my Spartan dogs lol.

Thanks again man!

Paul Bengel