Hey Cory,

Been wanted to send you a message via Twitter forever but cannot get it under 140 characters. Very thankful for the opportunity to email you though. Just wanted to say thank you very much the inspiration and workouts you’ve provided. Also enjoy the workouts you post. I wake up at 4 am everyday to go to work, so I’m not able to do the morning workouts. But I do them every night at home in my basement. My wife works part time evenings and that is my down to go down the Dungeon and get work. I still use your motivation just make it fit to a different time frame with our family. Same with the workouts, I run through them and adjust based on the equipment I have at home and make it work. Went to a Bachelor party a few weeks ago and the Groom as well as brothers in law all asked if I was taking Roids or something, I said no “I just don’t fucking miss.”  Haha they don’t get it, but those who know, know.  I’m 32 with wife working part time, 2 kids, and putting in 50 hours of work a week myself, and I’ve never been in better shape in my life. Wanted to say that you for all that you do and it’s not lost on me! Appreciate you and what you do!!!!

Thanks a ton man!!!