Wassup Cory, my name’s Jon and I want to personally thank you for the extreme amount of help you’ve given in my not only my training, but my life in general.

I started following you on Instagram basically right after you began squatting every day. Not gonna lie, I thought you crazy and nearly unfollowed you. But I said “nah, I’ll watch this play out.” At 16 years old, I began to be inspired to do something that no one ever told me about… Training for performance instead of looks. After you released the program online, I was sold by this point. I thought “this guy’s drug free, a real dude, and is even built like me. And he’s making all kinds of GAINZZZ.” I wanted some myself. I tried it. I went 19 days and kinda loved it and kinda hated it. After that time I got a spring allergy hit and quit. I felt so bad. I made a commitment to do it for a month and wussed out. You see Cory, I’ve been homeschooled my whole life and where I live I’m not able to play any high school sports. So for the last few years (I’m a senior now), the gym has been my escape. It’s been where I go to get out of the house and just do something I love. But over that time, all I really ever wanted was to be strong. At the beginning of this year I was benching maybe 205, deadlifting maybe 275, and I couldn’t even tell you how much I squatted prior to squat every day. Then sometime in the summer, it hit me. I had the training in check, I had good nutrition, I was sleeping 8 hours minimum a night and I was using some supplementation from MP itself. But there was still something missing. THE MINDSET. At this point, I knew EXACTLY what to do. I need to get under the bar every damn day and force my mind and body to get stronger. I decided to do 2.0 with bench most dayz for 6 weeks. By that time, I was ABSOLUTELY HOOKED! I then changed up my bench training after going up 30 lbs, kept getting under the bar, and nurtured my mind with positivity as well listening to people who had the mindset (one being an ex marine at my gym who trains like a total G) that I wanted. This past Tuesday, I made it to day 100 and did my own kind of quad city massacre that had me limping for 2 days lol. My best squat went up 80 damn pounds, 50 to my pull, and just benched 260 to put me into the 1000 lb club which was my goal from the start of the year. I might be done with the squat life, but I’m not done training. I have a new outlook on training and life in general all thanks to you. You also inspired me to do like you, and try to learn something all the time. Now I have a solid amount of knowledge in bodybuilding and powerlifting and am now seeking my cert as a trainer, as well intending to major in exercise science in college and then get my CSCS. I’m currently designing my own hybrid program inspired by what you do to make OPTIMAL GAINZZZ. I have a burning DESIRE to workout now and to do whatever the f*ck I gotta do to be what I want to be in life. Thank you man. You’re real as they come and I got mad respect for you. Keep pushing and doing your thing cause we both know that you’re not done, and I’m just getting started.

Stay Strong,

Jon Acker