Your motivation and passion for what you do, is contagious. It’s insane I remember when squat everyday begin and now 600 days is crazy, just to put that out there, I’m 22 and been Army  since I graduated high school

and loved it but the  heavy packs and running all the time in the wonderful northern newyork winters, I would lift legs heavy once a week and that’s all I could handle my knees would just be wrecked and to be 20 and walk around like 50 year old man was rough haha, then I caught you on a magazine cover and was like guys jacked gotta be doing something right, that’s when I started following you on Twitter and figuring out the type of person you came off to be since gym guys are sometimes given the wrong impression, that’s when I was hooked on the wisdom, you didn’t just care about what you wanted, you wanted to help others from the thousand of questions you answered in the hopes of bettering others one of those being mine, how I was hesitant to try putting my legs through such hell and how could your knees not be trash from all that work, but I took a leap of faith and it’s a leap I will never regret and I mean never, lunge university and squat everyday had improved how my legs feel in and out of the gym even through injuries I never hesitate to go back to legs everyday and the gains never end. With that being said being a leader in an organization that needs everyone in there best shape and capable to carry on through exhausted days, when I get less experienced guys the gym in my team and they ask me for tips I never stop to think what would be a great resource, I teach them form and then send them in your direction. Wether it’s pt in the morning being a gut check of the day, or afternoon gym time telling them to look into squat everyday and the overall motivation that you can bring the table for beginners to more experienced guys, specially in a job that your legs can make or break you. You’ve also kept me to not just take someone’s word but to tweak thing and find what works best for me, so I’d like to think you for always having the gym wisdom for myself to fall back on when I find myself stuck or lacking in the motivation department -John #10thMountianDivision #187INfindawayormakeone #wakeyourassup #nevermiss