I started taking my fitness journey seriously about 2 years ago, yet I never would of thought it would go beyond anything until I heard of this guy who was VP of a supplement company who did some crazy workouts.

I looked you up and found this dude who was crazy shredded, had mobility up the ass, and was one strong mother f***er. Never would I have thought to see a fitness guy was was a body builder, power lifter, and recently Olympic lifter. I started following you on social media and saw you waking your ass up at 4:30 everyday to make yourself better and it drove me to heights I’d never thought I would reach. I’ve been #squatingeveryday for over 6 months now and you have helped me reach potential I never saw in myself until seeing what you do. Everyday I wake up with my goals on my mind and striving to reach them, not only in fitness but in life. You taught me that. I live by your philosophy on a daily basis and it has taught me so much on being the best at everything I do. You brought me from an amateur to an elite training athlete and human. I couldn’t express through words how much of an influence you have had on my life. I wake up early each day with the mindset to get shit done, #squateveryday, push myself to a limit through a mindset you taught me, and take on the world on day at a time. Thank you so much for being a mentor.

Killin shit everyday.

Felix Rendon