Hey Cory,

in regards to your post about you helping with mindset and training well you done ALOT. Almost 3 years ago in the winter i was in a slump with going to the gym having to go after school and not getting a good workout in and wasent in the right mindset, thankfully my brother discovered musclepharm and we started watching your vids and one night decided why not do up early to train?! So every morning until i finished highschool i got up at 6am and was at the gym for 7 then at school by 830 which ultimatly helped with my grades and focusing in school (i was failing and skipping class for school) but up early changes my outlook on everything and i carried the mentality that you preached the whole “its 4am dont be soft” so no matter how freezing it was here got up and went and later when i started boxing again amd fighting a couple times i always said no matter how hard the training was or getting cracked in the face was i just thought “dont be soft” and your insane workouts like lungeU or 1000 rep got me in crazy condition- up early to train might be the best thing to happen to me because now no matter what the task is i will always have that mindset 🙂 your the best, from London Ontario, Canada