Ever since first purchasing Musclepharm supplements years ago during my time as a high school football player, I’ve followed your social media outlets and have gradually gotten more and more out of them. When I first started following you, I would describe myself as more of a fan who enjoyed seeing a brand ambassador lead from the front. However, as yourself and the material you produce has evolved, I definitely view you and what you’re doing as more of a mentorship. I’ve been quoted describing you, your Instagram and snapchat as the “big brother” of both mental and physical fitness.

Seeing yourself transition from powerlifting, to bodybuilding, to Olympic lifting, and now simultaneously doing all three and shooting covers has inspired me, an athlete, to also reach out of my comfort zone and gain experiences from other fields I wouldn’t necessary venture into i.e. bodybuilding programs, etc. While I find the plethora of technical information you provide in everything you publish is completely remarkable,  the wealth of mental knowledge and perspectives you have is really what is invaluable.

From playing high level athletics (collegiate and international rugby), there are so many different coaches and mentors I can quote all with different aspects on mental fortitude, and it’s all good material. But one of your sayings has resonated with me in the last year or so and I constantly repeat an adapted version of it to myself when I want to take a day off or skip a session. “I don’t have to do anything extra special, I just can’t fucking miss.”

I don’t have some massive transformation or giant success story (yet) to share with you, I just thought I would let you know that you have not only influence my physical goals, but you have always changed the way I attack each and every day and that’s had a very positive influence on my life. It’s been obvious that your perseverance and persistence has paid off for you with great dividends, so I can only hope my emulation of what you preach will only do the same… As it has so far.

I don’t do anything extra special, I just don’t fucking miss.