Hi there Cory! U definitely changed and improved me both physically and psychologically. I started your squatting everyday 2.0 three months ago and i had never seen results like this, it’s insane. I’ve added 70 pounds to my squat and deadlift

during this time, but it’s even more to it than that, u have formed my mindset to a winner mentality thats just stuck in me right now. I just can’t letting go of going to the gym and squat now lol, i don’t know when yet but i WILL set a world record in powerlifting someday.

U have showed me the importance of habit and how it can make a you a freaking machine. U have also made me realise how there really is no excuses and u just gotta go after what you want and what your goal is.

The lord helps those that helps themselves!

U have made me a winner in life and made me realise what im fucking cappable of.

Peace CoryG!

/ Christian Hiller