I have met you a couple of times at Source Fitness back in the valley, and both times have inspired me to not only better myself with my own fitness and well being, but to strive to be the absolute best in my job.I am currently a paid fireman/EMT and I strongly believe that if it were not for you and your company, I would not be where I am at today..or at least not with the level of success I currently hold.

    Many people have a person who they try to emulate their own image to attempt to work towards their goals. Many look up to Arnold, Franco, etc. However the one that I look up to is you. When I first started following your company, I was attracted to the “Nike-like” image, but the more I became involved, the more I really believed in the mindset that you have promoted throughout your career.
   This mindset of just getting up and getting your ass to the gym has changed all aspects of my life. There is no longer any “half assing” things, only 100% effort in everything I do. I take this mindset into the gym, the firehouse, and into college. In my field we have “the big 4” which is to treat people right, do you job, give an all in effort, and have an all in attitude. I believe this is very similar to what you preach and I do my best to spread this to my peers and those with me. It still amazes me how your success isn’t a bigger story around here but I know that it does not fall upon deaf ears. Thank you for all that you do, God Bless, and never quit.