I am currently a college student. Before my sophomore year, I was diagnosed with narcolepsy and was struggling with my sleep. My grades were on the verge of getting me kicked out of school and I was so skinny that when I was old friends saw me, they barely recognized me.

After over a year, I knew I needed to change but the transition felt overwhelming. One day, my buddy told me about your snapchat and the “wake your ass up,” so I added you. Everyday I wake up and look at my phone to kind of keep my awake while my body shakes off the drowsiness. Once I woke up to you yelling to me “wake my ass up!”  things changed. My outlook completely changed, I started to see the self pity I had placed upon myself and realize there was no excuse for being lazy. My narcolepsy is something that I didn’t ask for but it didn’t mean it had to control me. That little bit of motivation from you and that change in perspective completely changed everything. In the last year I started hit the gym hard for the first time since high school. I am bigger and stronger than I have ever been in my life and as a consequence to my new attitude my grades have gone way up and I’m looking to graduate in the near future after almost failing. I also follow your IG and have implemented many workout ideas and meals into my own program. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make a difference. What you do is something amazing and I owe a lot to you Cory. Thank you, truly.

Braeden Morgan