I consistently receive several messages on social media that start with something along these lines of…

“Hey Cory, I messed up my diet this weekend, during the week, I missed a workout, etc.  I don’t know what to do now.”  Sound familiar?

First off, everybody does this, including my crazy ass.  Everyone screws up at some point.  People give in, eat something they shouldn’t, or just mess up in general.  It’s just what it is, it’s life and no one is perfect.

Once that happens, don’t think that everything is wrecked.  That you have to starve yourself tomorrow, or because you already screwed today up that you are going to pig out.  Take a deep breath.  When you get up tomorrow, do what you are supposed to do.

What I love about this lifestyle is that we are creating a real metabolism.  A metabolism that can sustain a mess-up here and there, as long as you are on point the majority of the time.

“Don’t take a negative, sharp turn to completely fuck up your entire process.”

Going off the rails completely is sometimes a commonality with traditional, calorie-restricted, heavy cardio programs.  This path doesn’t build the fire we want.  By building a real fire & foundation here at CoryG Fitness, we are better equipped to withstand the elements.

What to do…

Dust yourself off.  Get up the next day or finish the current day the way you’re supposed to.  Don’t compound the mess-ups by continuing to pile it on because you are punishing yourself.   It happens to everyone.  Setbacks are part of the process.

The key is to minimize the craziness.