“What are you doing on a regular basis that you straight-up don’t want to fucking do?”

I’ve done it off and on for years.  I go through cycles of doing a great job with this concept, then I eventually reach a place of comfortability.  Then, I refuse to be comfortable.  Then I progress.  It’s the name of the game.

Look at your situation right now.  Is there anything in your day to day life that you are uncomfortable doing?  Maybe it’s getting up early, your conditioning, your lifting, or speaking in front of your peers at work.  It could be a million things.

Getting up at 3:05am isn’t comfortable.  Lunging 800 meters when it’s cold in Ohio isn’t comfortable.  As I record this, I’m driving to my office to run the sweeper on the entire facility.  It isn’t comfortable, nor do I want to do it, and I don’t have to do it either. 

That’s what is most challenging.  When you reach certain tiers of success, there are things you just don’t have to do anymore.  But, if you force yourself to do them, that’s where the sauce is found.  It’s how it works.

“When you are comfortable, you stay the same.  When you are uncomfortable, you grow.” 

Drill this idea home daily.  Refuse it, refuse it, refuse it.  You may be telling yourself that you are pretty much eating the way you should, but only lunging one or two days per week.  It’s easy to blame the system for something not working.  Motherfucker, you aren’t following it!  You’re too comfortable!  You aren’t preparing or going out of your way.  Refuse the comfort!

Although I may not do it dead-on every day, motherfucker I try.  I’m not about that comfort shit, I want to grow.  It’s about pushing yourself to want more.  Discipline is rewarded when you go all-in.  Rather than these things taking from your life, they are improving it.

Out of the Comfort Zone!

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