How’d you feel when you looked in the mirror this morning?

Ask Yourself:

Do you feel weak and soft or strong and lean?

Do you feel fit and healthy or bloated and flabby?

What about stress?  Are you constantly stressed out?

Are you happy or frustrated with how you look and feel?

What thoughts do you have running
through your mind as you begin your day?

How many times have you made this promise
to yourself: to lose weight (maybe you even did at one
point), only to put the weight right back on and then some?

Discover the secrets to get the SIX PACK you’ve always wanted

Growing up I had more body fat than I was happy with.  I wasn’t genetically gifted or naturally ripped.  This is why I have experimented with countless Ab training and nutrition protocols to see what is the MOST EFFECTIVE and what truly works best!

At the most basic level ABS = DISCIPLINE.
Discipline of diet, training, and conditioning.  


My personal blueprint to getting LEAN and SHREDDED.

It has always been a personal goal of mine to have picture perfect abs that looked like they were carved out of granite.  I wanted my abs to be so thick that I could fit my index finger in the ridges between. 

After 20+ years of experimenting and 12 magazine covers later, I’ve built that program to make your abs strong, ripped and more defined than ever!


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