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Fed Up?

Ready For a Change?

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Are you willing to do what it takes?

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#1 Start Your Day Uncomfortable

I understand that some work schedules do not allow this, however you can surely find your version of this that will make you better.  For example, let’s say you work early.  Fuck it, get up a little earlier and just lunge.  Maybe hit the rest of the training later when you get a few minutes.  There has to be something that you can do for 20 minutes in the morning that will push the envelope.

Doing something difficult early in the morning is extremely important with achieving another level of focus.  It has greatly enhanced my ability to perform and achieve time and time again.

Once you fight through this, you feel invincible.

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#2 Make Time to Constantly Development Yourself

This is non-negotiable, and here’s how you start it.

For the next 21 days, force yourself to listen to something positive for 20-30 minutes.  It can be Business & Biceps or reading books for example.  Use the time you spend in the car or while lunging.  It doesn’t matter, get it in.

You allocate this time for your mind.  Most already don’t study in high school, and when they leave, they likely won’t study anything outside their craft.  After getting a job, there’s rarely any continuing education.

If you stick with this for 21 days, it truthfully will be life-changing.

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#3 Insulin Stable Monday Thru Friday

Here’s what I mean by insulin-stable.  If you eat a non-sugar, lower carbohydrate diet, you’re less cloudy.  Less cloudy = More focused.  With your insulin in check, you won’t want to break your neck off at 3pm in your cubicle.

Experience a new-found, sustainable energy.  Once you’re dialed in, everything starts to fall into place.  Start to create the momentum of feeling good.  People get so used to feeling shitty, to the point that it becomes their norm.

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#4 Eliminate Negative Situations

You take on many of the traits of the people you consistently hang out with.  For example, if you are in a work environment where people are eating shitty all the time, disengage from them.  Stop going out to lunch or happy hour, and instead funnel your discipline to eating healthy foods.  It’s easy to lack discipline when the group is bringing you down.

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#5 Create a Journal

Buy a Mead notebook and start writing down your thoughts, progress, weight and goals to hold yourself accountable.  The routine of writing down these factors will help keep you in line.

A few weeks later you slip up.  Grab your journal, flip back two weeks, and see how great you were feeling.  This awareness is extremely valuable.  Knowledge is power.  Examine your processes, identify what works and what doesn’t, and adjust as you go.  That is the secret sauce.  

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#6 Positive Mental Attitude

It’s contagious.  A positive headspace keeps you out of the gutter of pessimism.  There’s two ways to live life.  You can view it as the glass half-full, or the glass half-empty.  I’ve experienced both, and I can tell you that the glass half-full is a much better way to live life.

When negative thoughts attempt to infiltrate your mind, push it out with a positive one.  Set in place 3-5 positive, constructive things (music, memories, etc.) that can quickly shift your mind back into a positive place.

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