What Do You Expect Out of Yourself?

I’m not sure if this is a common thought rattling around most people’s heads, but it’s something I personally think about often.  What do I expect out of myself each day?  I believe I have to live up to what is necessary in order to continue to create, achieve, and push forward.

There’s no way that you can live up to anyone else’s expectations.  They aren’t personal to YOU. 

Create. Your. Own.

Establish your individual expectation levels.  Successfully setting the bar at a level of achievable, but towards forward-growth, and keep it there, could make all the difference.

It could be weight loss, business-related, etc.  It doesn’t matter.  If you can consistently meet your expectations, you will continue to experience real growth.  On the days you don’t make it, reflect on what happened to gain better perspective, then get up the next day ready to kill it.

Checks & Balances

Having a system of checks & balances firmly in place is of extreme importance.  A process like this in place will better prepare you to honestly and objectively look at your entire situation.

By assigning a personal expectation, you will get better with whatever you are after.  I know it will.  It comes from you, no one else.  Expect more out of yourself more than anyone else.

The Mentality

The Expect More mentality will inevitably bring more discipline, action and creativity into your life.  Doing so pushes you to become better than you are today.