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Don’t Miss Out!

Don’t Miss Out!

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The concept of patience can be hard to grasp.  Many out here, myself included, want results TODAY.  They get upset after seven days of eating good and not already looking the way they’re want to.

Think about this…

Think about how long it took you to look and feel the way you do right now, Day 1.  How long you neglected training consistently and eating properly.  The amount of time you BOOTED all of this shit.

Now, give yourself the adequate amount of time to get it back together.  Don’t be so hard on yourself, just know it’s all part of the process.  What’s crazy is that it actually happens faster than it does to fuck it up.

Being patient allows you to gain a greater understanding of the knowledge you learn throughout the process.  The process is a great teacher.  If you can stay consistent and engaged with the content and community, the process becomes more enjoyable.

Sure, certain aspects of the process are difficult, but through time your mind starts to process things differently.  You recognize that you are making progress every day, you’re learning what it truly takes, you understand what it feels like, and you understand what you have to do in order to exceed your expectations.

It’s about the time involved. 

Now, you have the appropriate information.  The proper set-up in your life.  Everything’s aligned.  You have the support you require.  You have the outlined goals.  Now, it comes down to the time involved.

Patience is the hardest thing, but you have to stack it against how long it took you to the get the result you don’t want.  Sometimes it’s a lifetime.  The great about this is that it won’t take you a lifetime to fix it.