I am a huge fan of Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill.  Over the years, I have learned an incredible amount from reading, re-reading, and listening to books such as Think and Grow Rich

That being said, I think there’s a sneaky better book (in my opinion) called How to Raise Your Own Salary.  This book features both life and business principles, with one of the main chapters being all about organizing your thinking.

The vast majority of people out there do not process information in this manner.  Instead of breaking down thought processes, these individuals just “roll with the punches.”  I challenge you to take the alternative approach… start to organize your thoughts. 

Compartmentalize what is making you happy, what you are procrastinating on, and those things that are holding you back from success.  Picking yourself apart can be a useful exercise to shed light on the areas you need to improve.  As a result, you become more aware of exactly where you are.

For example, you decide to allocate 7-10am to take out that To-Do you’ve been procrastinating on.  Focusing during this three-hour period will take loads of stress off your shoulders so you can appreciate what you have going on from 1-3pm later.

If you don’t organize your thoughts, you aren’t able to completely enjoy yourself.  In addition, start to work on those elements that can expand the quality of your life.  That alone will make a monumental difference.

Take the time to reflect and feel.

Create change and be intentional with your actions.

Organize your thought patterns to become better mentally, physically and emotionally.

Identify what you do/don’t want to do.

See what needs more attention in your life.

Being honest with yourself and organizing your
thoughts will make everything much more clear.