Not every day is amazing.  These are the days that make everyone push just a little bit harder.  We had a workout today that didn’t go the way everyone wanted it to go (Last Week).  This keeps everyone on guard and in check with each other and themselves.  Did I miss a set?  Do I need to do more lower back work?  What do I need to work on?  Do I need to work on my form?  Do I need more rest?  That is what I LOVE about the days that don’t go well.  In my opinion, this is when you learn the most!

It’s just like business… when sales are good you don’t question much.  When things don’t work or when you have a bad day, you instantly begin to question yourself.  Self-evaluation is of vital importance in and outside of the gym because it keeps us on our toes to push the needle forward.  We are constantly evolving.

It’s only a failure if you QUIT.  It gets you hyped to do a better job the next time around.  Maybe you do things a little differently such as warming up or in the world of business it’s checking that extra email.  You just need to understand that it’s not always going to be an amazing training session.  You are continually setting yourself up and putting in all this work, so when the day comes to rely on it you get the job done.

Most of the time on social media people are showing you the highlight reel.  Just know that every one of those lifters and people have bad days.  They may not show it as often, but it does happen! <strong> NOT EVERY DAY IS CHRISTMAS.  BUT THAT DAY WHEN IT IS CHRISTMAS, THAT’S WHAT THE WORK IS FOR. </strong> The consistency, the grind, and the days when it’s the hardest?  Those are the days when you are making the most progress.