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Follow me daily as I help you reach the goals you have set out in front of you.

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A new workout posted daily to challenge yourself. Cory's training and nutritional journal, Q&A, videos and more.

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The World Famous Anabolic Fasting protocol, which is heavily documented on the website & classroom taught by Cory himself.

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Who is Cory Gregory?

About Me

You’re maybe thinking, “Oh another online fitness website.”  With the internet flooded with fitness trainers/programs, it makes it difficult to cut through the clutter and noise.

The reason I began building the CoryG Fitness website, app & community is because I love helping people reach their fitness, nutrition and mindset goals.  I get FIRED UP when people direct message or send me their Before & After photos, or a PR lift from one of the programs I wrote.  It continues to drive me EVERY DAY to give as much value to the CoryG Fitness community as I can.

With 20+ years experience in the fitness industry,  I LIVE AND BREATHE THIS SHIT.  I’m a practitioner of my craft, I’m not sitting on the sidelines giving orders.  While it’s not an overnight transformation, I can help you SPEED UP your results greatly because I have tried just about everything over the past 20 years.

Follow me daily as I help you reach the goals you have set out in front of you.

Cory Gregory is a fitness entrepreneur, leader in the nutrition industry and a top training expert.  As a way to save money for college, Cory worked as an underground coal miner until he opened his first gym at the age of 20.  Quickly, Cory earned the reputation as an industry expert in both personal training and nutrition, and now co-owns the famous Old School Gym in Etna, Ohio.  Cory Co-Founded one of the fasting growing sport nutrition brands ever created, Musclepharm, which sold over a half billion dollars worth of product in the seven years he was with the company.   Max Effort Muscle, his second sports nutrition brand, is fast gaining steam in the direct to customer market since inception in 2016.

Cory personally has competed in more than 30 drug-free powerlifting competitions, with his best lifts including a 550 squat and 575 deadlift at a bodyweight of 198 pounds, and a 540 squat and deadlift at a bodyweight of 181 pounds. Cory has also competed in 15 drug-free bodybuilding events winning his pro card in 2019 and has graced the cover of 13 fitness magazines. He has his exercise specialist certificate from Columbus State, but is also a certified NESTA nutrition coach, is certified by Westside Barbell and holds a Cross Fit level 1 trainer certificate. On top of these accolades, Cory has learned from & been mentored by some of the biggest names in training and nutrition including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Philips, Louie Simmons, Dr. Eric Serrano, Dr. Mauro DiPasquale and John Broz.  Cory was also named top 50 fitness experts in the U.S in 2019 by Men’s Health.

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With members in over 100+ countries worldwide, my passion to help and influence as many people as I can. I genuinely care about my members, and I do everything I can to help them obtain their goals. Time to step outside of your comfort zone!

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A new workout posted daily to challenge yourself.

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Over 5 years of Monthly Workout Programs!

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Cory's training and nutritional journal, Q&A, videos and more.

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GTV, Daily Fire, The G-Cast, G-Unit Roundtable

200+ Anabolic Fasting Updates VLOGS

260+ Knowledge Bombs (Exercise breakdown series)

The World Famous Anabolic Fasting protocol, which is heavily documented on the website & classroom taught by Cory himself

The Mindset Manual E-Book by Cory Gregory - 176 pages

The Book of ABZ E-Book - 43 pages

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