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“Why would you stay the same when you can get better each day?”

It’s tough to start out again.  It’s tough because you’re second-guessing why you stopped to begin with.  It’s tough because you know that you’re going to be sore as shit.  It’s tough because you know that it’s going to be uncomfortable.  It’s just fucking difficult.

At the end of the day, what’s the alternative?  To continue down a path of unhealthiness, an unsharpened mind, and not getting what you want out of life?  All because you’re afraid of going through temporary discomfort. 

Once the education is there, the majority of people know what they have to do.  It comes down to understanding the process and exposure to the appropriate environment.  CoryG Fitness and Max Effort Muscle are both communities that support these mentalities.

We all need each other.  To work through, have a sounding board, on social media, and on the community forum.  It’s fucking tough to change; I’m not discounting this fact.  I could barely get out of my fucking truck today because I’m on my sixth day of 800 meters.  And I’m the guy who is telling you to do it!

I’m telling you that I understand.  I’m not the guy who was born with abs.  I was once the guy who got up to 240 pounds and had to lose 50 pounds.  If you are a person that truly wants to change, I get it.

I put these components in place to help you get through it.  Don’t sit on the fence any longer.  Make the change today.  We both know that it’s tough, but it’s just the way it is.  Why would you stay the same when you can get better each day?