Today I was going through my daily routine of lunging 800 meters around the track.  With about 200 meters to go, I saw someone in the distance starting their lunges, but I couldn’t recognize who it was from afar.  They didn’t tweet me.  They didn’t message me.  It wasn’t on social media.  Just in person.  With my own eyes I was witnessing the impact of one.

YOU can also have the impact of one.  Yes, you might be sitting on the sidelines.  You might understand what to do, you might have used to do it, or you are seeking the knowledge on how to do it.

If you used to do it… come on back!  If you’re upset with yourself because you haven’t been doing it lately, that’s okay.  RestartIf you don’t know how to do it, let me teach you.

Having goals creates more discipline in your lifeDiscipline is rewarded.  People are either drawn to it or put off by it.  There’s no in between.  Either you make people feel worse about themselves and they don’t want to fuck with you, or you are the impact of one in a positive way.  They come to you because that’s exactly what they needed.

They needed that one extra step.  That one person they can do it with.  That one person that motivates and brings out the best in them.  It’s an incredible feeling to impact someone.  It can happen at any level of fitness.  Taking the steps to make yourself better is what motivates people.

It’s selfish if you know what to do and you aren’t doing it.  Set the goals.  Place rewards around it.  Get your shit together.  Impact one.  Every day you don’t take advantage of this, I believe is selfish.

Push today to not find that one, but to just do you.  Doing so will impact one.

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