Historically over the last 15 years, December 31st is the day I put together my list of goals.  With my goals, I operate year over year because it’s difficult to predict an entrepreneurial journey past a year, or sometimes even a month.  Here are the guidelines and categories on how I create goals for myself.  I would give it a try.

#1 – Gym

I create between 1-3 goals that are based in the gym.  It could be maintaining a specific weight, lifts I want to hit in the following year, or maybe a 1-year lunge streak.  This helps set the tone on what I expect out of myself physically, which directly helps me continue to build confidence in myself.

#2 – Business

Create 1-3 business or professional category goals which contains things such as sales goals, increasing my dividend income or picking up a new property for my real estate portfolio.  If you’re in a corporate environment it could be that promotion you’re gunning for, learning a new skill, or anything that helps you progress in your craft.

#3 – Lifestyle

Under lifestyle falls spending time with the family or taking a certain amount of vacation time.  Maybe it’s committing more time with the wife or not missing an event with my kids.

Improve the Quality of Your Life

If you establish balance through goal setting, your quality of life will improve.  Pick a minimum of one goal from each category to lock in and push for.

These are the parameters I’ve set up for years with setting goals.  Doing so has helped aligned myself with where I’m supposed to be in this world, who I’m supposed to be, and who I want to be.

Get Ready.

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