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A lot of people hear this phrase, but what does it really mean?  In my opinion, here’s what it means when applied to health & fitness.

Most of us are reading this on the weekend.  Maybe you faltered on your diet at some point.  You might of drank one too many beers.  You might have stayed up too late.  All in all, you may have gone through a degree of degeneracy.  And that’s okay.

Hitting the Ground Running at the beginning of the week is preparing you to be successful, to be positive, and to be effective going into Monday.  You have to get your brain right, body right, and be prepared.

Those rolling into Monday unprepared and feeling like shit will be hateful when the alarm goes off.  On the other hand, if you have an outlook of preparation and success, you’ll wake up Monday morning ready to crush the week.

Many of you are not involved with what we do here at CoryG Fitness and Max Effort Muscle.  Maybe you don’t prepare this way.  But, if you go through the material you will understand how to eat, train, and take your supplements.  It’s something you begin to look forward to!

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It’s going to sound funny… when you mess around on the weekends, you start to look forward to getting back to the schedule so that you feel good again.  Listen to me when I say this… most people forget how it is to feel good.  When you feel it again, that becomes the deterrent to the things that don’t make you feel good.

No one is taking anything away from you.  Food, alcohol, etc.  You start to understand what that stuff makes you feel like once you see how good you can feel.

Hit the ground running this week.  If you know, prepare.  If you don’t know, come learn.  There is a different, optimistic mentality when you fully understand what you have ahead of you.  From there, you execute.