12 Week to Transform Your Body & Mind!

1st Place – ROLEX WATCH
2nd Place – $1000
3rd Place – $500

As everyone knows, there’s one of you.  There’s one of me.  Everyone on this planet is one of one.  If you think about it, how can you be upset if someone else has it easier?  Their situation is unique to them and your position is exclusive to you.

I Wanna Point Out

Plenty of people get caught up in “This person can eat that.  That person barely even trains.  This person wasn’t born with my condition.”  It goes on and on.

“QUIT POINTING THE FINGER at why you cannot get what you want.”

This is acting like the victim, because someone else has it easier.  Guess what?  There’s always someone who has it easier.  Like anything else in this world, there’s always a flip side of someone having it worse.


I need make sure that you aren’t caught up in all the reasons of why you can’t get to where you want to go.  Why are you playing the victim role?  The victor has always been inside of you, you just haven’t brought it out yet!  Once you understand and get past this mindset, you begin to understand that the price you pay to get what you want is different than the next person.  You are one of one.

Can a person such as myself coach you?  Absolutely.  Can a person such as myself help motivate you?  Absolutely.  But, can a person like me dig down deep inside and pull out exactly what you need to flip the switch?  I can help you discover it, but I can’t do it for you.  Dig deep and understand that there’s no victim here.  It’s only VICTOR.  The price to pay is different for everyone.  I’m not saying that it’s fair, but this is the reality.  Everyone is unique.

Assuming is the worst you can do.  At the end of the day, you don’t know every detail of what people are going through.  Conversely, they don’t know what you have to go through.  That’s the key.  What matters is what you need to do for you, so you can be confident and get what you want.  The results that you search for and have always wanted.

The ultimate look and feel that you’ve wanted is right there, you just have to go get it.  This is a challenging concept to grasp, but don’t let it be your ceiling.  Focus on what you have to do.