This is when you have established your framework of habits.  Now, you are on a focused path of execution.  After building your outline, it’s just about the time involved.  Along the way, you may discover new ways to improve the process or find ways to optimize.

Taking the emotions, stress and pessimism totally out of the equation, allows you to completely dial inYou are fully committed to the process and the time involved to accomplish the goal(s) you’re after.

Every Day Dialed.

How you know you’re not dialed in…  When Saturday or Sunday rolls around, and things are a little different.  When you travel or off your normal schedule.  It feels like you aren’t as productive.  Things don’t feel right.

This is a part of life, things happen.  But, when you believe in the process, you’re refining as you go, and you know what it yields, that’s when you know you’re every day dialed.

“After building your outline, it’s just about the time involved.”

As a result, you become even more dedicated to the process and habits.  As the time involved compounds, you see and feel the results, and you commit to it even more.

I’ve been every day dialed for an extremely long time.  Sure, I’ve had brief lapses of time where I fucked it up, but overall, I’ve been every day dialed to a high level the majority of the time.

Focus and find the version that is right for you, so you can feel exactly what I’m talking about.