Let me start by telling you that Math is my worst subject and something I’ve always struggled with.  As a SENIOR, I was in Geometry class with a bunch of freshmen and my own son took Geometry in 8th grade (definitely came from the wifey).  I’m setting the tone to let you know that I’m not that smart when it comes to adding things up.

What I Am Good At

I excel with adding & subtracting things in my life that yield results.  One fact that is undeniable with changing your life is committing to a lunge & learn streak.  Here’s how.

This isn’t me puffing my chest out saying that I’m going to change your life.  I may be part of the reason that you try or commit, but it ultimately comes down to execution.  It’s simple math.

The First Part

The first thing I ask you to do is commit to walking lunges.  Lunges are difficult and they will unquestionably make you sore.  It’s one of those things that seems like it might be easy, but it’s tough for even the most advanced athletes.

Whether you are in the beginner or advanced category, you CAN make it 15 minutes minimum.  That’s the requirement.  Whether you have to do 3 minutes and rest, or all 15 minutes straight, get it done.  It takes most people about 15 minutes to make it 400 meters being in decent shape.

Overall, after you’re done lifting weights, you’ll have a total of around 30 minutes between commute and lunge time.

The Second Part

Now for the learn.  After you’re done lifting and it’s time to lunge, stop listening to music.  Start listening to something that is going to make you smart.  Listen to a podcast that’s going to build optimism and confidence in your life.  Get in a minimum of 30 minutes per day, plus during your conditioning.  If you can commit to 30 minutes of conditioning while learning for the next calendar year, the easy math adds up.

400 Meters of Daily Lunges x 365 Days =  91.25 miles

30 Days of Learning Material x 365 Days = 109  hours

How in the world could you not add this to your day and not become a better human being?  From confidence (which runs the world), your metabolic rate, and how sharp your mind will become over the next 365 days.  Go next level, all in!

It’s Time.

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