3 Things I Want to Teach My Kids - CoryG Fitness

#1 Anything is possible

My kids know by watching my example, that I do what makes me absolutely happy every day. They see the way we operate as a family. They see how passionate I am through my work and profession in the fitness industry and beyond.

I don’t just tell them that anything is possible, rather I back it up with the actions I execute on a daily basis. That is the main key here: showing them with my actions. Many can talk a lot of talk, but rarely can back it up with through daily actions.


#2 Work ethic and consistency

That’s everything. They already know that I’m passionate about what I do, but they see me putting in the work in and outside the gym. On the flip side, they know me as a busy dad and I’m completely aware of this. Despite how hectic my schedule can be, I don’t miss sporting events or anything that is important to my kids.

“I want to show them consistently that they are important. The consistency of my work ethic that I apply translates directly into results.”


#3 Love & caring is important

How I treat my kids, as well as others is of great importance to me. My kids know that I love them because I tell them every day. Even when I discipline them, I tell them why. My job as a dad is to do all that I can to make sure they turn out right.

No one gave me directions, but I know that if I do my best that I can shape my kids into productive individuals. I may make my kid run sprints to discipline him for something he did, but at the end of the day I’ll tell them that I’m proud of them and that I love them.



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