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One thing I loved about the Squat Every Day program was what John Broz said…

“A lot of people are scared of the back squat. They’re scared of the front squat. That’s why when they go to meets, they struggle. That’s why you have to shake hands with the bar every day.”


Getting under the barbell

Getting under the bar, working on my positioning with one less rotator cuff, is difficult by itself. On top of this, I’m working with and without my lifters, pausing and no pausing, and reassociating myself with the bar again. I fucking love this process, so it’s been awesome.

Sure, I’m not going to break any PRs every day, but that’s just a part of the game. Part of #SquatEveryDay is the mindset. It’s a mindset that breeds confidence and teaches you to show the fuck up.

It’s a mindset that makes you feel completely different.


Wanna build more confidence?

The more you do something, and the more you practice something, the more confident you’ll be.

It’s a different level of confidence. I wanted to address this because a lot of people haven’t done that in a long time. You did the Get Stacked Plan, but you don’t do the squats. You might not do them like the 4:00 AM crew. You might not have 400 pounds of bands.

But just getting under the bar, getting loose, getting in good positions and taking something is better than nothing. So if you’re looking for a reason to start shaking hands with the bar, hopefully I just gave you one.


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