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The other day Danny asked me about some of things that I do on a regular basis that help me stay more productive and focused. I’m always trying to get stuff done, but sometimes it’s easy to get sidetracked with things I enjoy versus things I actually have to get done. That’s a real thing.


The Whiteboard

I have a whiteboard in almost every work setting or spot where I brainstorm new goals and ideas. There’s one in my office, my basement, my podcast studio, at Max Effort, and where I put my keys every day. Five whiteboards that I have regular access to.

No matter what I have going on or how busy I am, this makes it easy to jot down something quickly to keep track. This allows me to refresh my memory when I return to it later.

I have a whiteboard everywhere that it matters.


The Notes Section

I used to be terrible at writing things down.

One of my most creative times of the day is post-lunges or on the way to the gym. This is one of the times of day when ideas flow the best for me because I don’t have numerous things competing for my attention. Although this can be a great time to create, I still experience blocks from time to time. Creativity and new ideas come and go in waves.

I’m much better now with writing things down. Even if it’s only a few words that don’t make much sense, I’ll write them down and return to them later to build content around them. Ideas for articles, knowledge bombs, training ideas, Anabolic Fasting topics, etc. Anything that is thought provoking that I can potentially turn into something useful.

If I don’t write them down, I don’t remember them, and therefore I can’t produce content around these ideas.


Managing Procrastination

To help manage the procrastination beast, I’ve established safeguards to hold myself accountable.

One way that I can force myself to do something is by posting it on social media. This works for me because I know people are going to ask me about it. Maybe it’s an upcoming program I’m releasing and still have to finish the last two days of programming. If I know that I have to get it up by Sunday, then I have no choice but to get it done.

You can use this tactic in other areas of your life, including weight loss. For example, if your goal was to lose 15 pounds by a specific date, then you can post about it on your social media. That way, your friends and family are able to keep you accountable.


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